Update on investigation into Kensington death

13:23' 13-04-2018
Homicide Squad detectives are continuing to appeal for public information after the body of Sarah Gatt was located in a Kensington property in January.

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    Sarah’s body was discovered by police in the bathtub of her Lambeth Street unit about 2.30pm on 3 January.

    It’s believed the 40-year-old had died between 20 and 24 April in 2017 and that a prolonged violent assault took place within the premises.

    Police believe Sarah is likely to have known her attacker and believe that the body was deliberately concealed at the address, with conscious steps taken to imply she was still alive after her death.

    Detectives can confirm Sarah suffered trauma to her head and face and believe this trauma is connected to her death, however have dismissed reports that she was decapitated.

    Since an appeal for assistance in March, a number of new witnesses have come forward and their information has significantly progressed the investigation.

    Three men and two women were initially questioned by police at the time of discovery of Sarah’s body.

    Police have further questioned several of those people and now believe one person is responsible for Sarah’s murder with several others involved in concealing the incident and obtaining financial advantage from her death.

    Forensic police also attended the Lambeth Street address on 21 March as part of the ongoing investigation and police are awaiting results of further forensic testing.

    Detectives are keen to speak to anyone with information regarding this investigation, or were provided information that Sarah was still alive after April 20, 2017.

    Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au.

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