Strengthening the framework to realise the Sunshine Cluster’s potential

12:05' 21-04-2017
Brimbank City Council has declared its support for a Victorian Government plan to boost jobs and services in the Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster.


    The Cluster comprises of a 20 square kilometre area focused around Sunshine Hospital on Furlong Road, St Albans, extending from the Sunshine Metropolitan Activity Centre to the St Albans Activity Centre. Sunshine, St Albans and the emerging Sunshine Health, Wellbeing and Education Precinct will be the focus of the cluster.

    Created by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), the draft Framework Plan seeks to build on the strengths of the Sunshine Cluster over the next 30 years as a place for employment, education, innovation and research.

    Brimbank Mayor Cr John Hedditch said that Council has proposed a number of changes to ensure the final plan accurately captures the current situation, and the key needs of people and businesses in the Cluster.

    “The Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster has the right combination of services, industry transport and location to support the booming growth in Melbourne’s West.

    “It is vital to get the framework plan right because this will set the direction for the Sunshine Cluster to achieve its potential to be an important focus of essential service delivery to Melbourne’s West.

    “Council has proposed a number of changes to the draft Framework Plan to recognise the significant work Council is already undertaking in the area.

    “Council’s submission also highlights the need for the State Government and the VPA to prioritise investment in National Employment and Innovation Clusters, including Sunshine, to ensure they reach their potential.

    “We’re reiterating that for growth to happen beyond business-as-usual levels, we need significant catalyst investment in the Sunshine Cluster. This investment must continue to come from the State Government, building on its current investment into much needed improvements to health services through the Joan Kirner Woman’s and Children’s Hospital, and access and safety improvements including the removal of the level crossings at the St Albans and Ginifer stations.

    “This level of investment is essential to improve the area’s connectivity, its attractiveness as a place to live and invest, to improve access to skilled labour, and to support targeted industry development,” Cr Hedditch said.

    Other changes suggested by Council are to ensure:

    · a greater focus on innovation and the importance of facilitating strong links between industry and education

    · recognition of a range of access issues including on and off road trails

    · a greater focus on sustainability including that it be established as an additional strategic outcome; and

    · additional actions to improve liveability.

    The VPA is responsible for developing the draft Framework Plan in consultation with Council and other stakeholders, all of whom have a role in its delivery.

    “With the right plan and the right investment, we are confident that Sunshine’s century old reputation for innovative thinking, smart investment and clever design and development allied with the cluster’s great attributes and fantastic location will ensure the Sunshine Cluster lives up to its potential,” Cr Hedditch said.

    To view a copy of the Brimbank City Council submission please visit

    To view a map of the Sunshine National Employment Cluster area, refer to the VPA’s Sunshine National Employment and Innovation Cluster Draft Framework Plan on

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