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Newly upgraded community park now open in Sydenham

12:24' 14-07-2017
There’s now even more reason to visit the new and improved Delbridge Drive Reserve in Sydenham with new playground and equipment installed as part of a $440,000 upgrade.

    The Sunshine resident of 30 years has been elected mayor. Image by Joe Mastroianni


    Mayor of Brimbank Cr John Hedditch invited the local community to celebrate the new facilities at the popular park with a sausage sizzle and entertainment, on Saturday 22 July.

    “We know that improving facilities at local parks has flow on health and wellbeing benefits for people in the surrounding community.

    “Promoting healthier lifestyles and ensuring our open spaces and facilities are well-maintained and upgraded is a key priority for our Councillors and the communities they represent.

    “I know that Taylors Ward Councillors Deputy Mayor Cr Georgina Papafotiou, Cr Margaret Giudice and Cr Bruce Lancashire are especially pleased that the works have created an important community asset for the people of Sydenham.

    “The impressive upgrade at Delbridge Drive Reserve in Sydenham includes a significant junior sports field and outdoor gym equipment installed at five stations along the concrete circuit path.

    “We’ve also installed new BBQ and picnic facilities, new shelter and play equipment and planted more than 400 semi-mature trees around the park,” Cr Hedditch said. 

    Council continues to fill a long-term need for improved community access to open space – by filling gaps in the parks network and by creating high quality parks with wonderful green space and recreation facilities.

    This upgrade is the latest development under Council’s multi-award winning Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan. 

    So far, Brimbank City Council has upgraded 93 parks and spent $22 million transforming the local park network.

    What: Open Day, including free sausage sizzle and kids entertainment

    When: Saturday 22 July, 11am to 1pm

    Where: Delbridge Drive Reserve, Delbridge Drive Sydenham

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