900 Aged Care Places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Seniors

01:08' 04-02-2019
Applications are now open for the second round of expansion funding under the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) program.

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    The Liberal National Government is providing up to $60 million over four years to increase the number of residential aged care places under the program in remote and very remote Australia.

    This funding is part of our Government’s $105.7 million expansion of the NATSIFAC program announced in the 2018–19 Budget. Of this, $46 million has been previously allocated for home care places. 

    More than 900 extra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote Australia will have access to residential and home services, close to family, home or country as a result of this expansion.

    Aged care providers are invited to apply for funding under the NATSIFAC program’s second expansion round, which is designed to improve access to culturally-safe aged care services in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

    Applicants can apply for new or additional residential aged care places under the NATSIFAC program, or approved providers can apply to convert their existing residential care services, administered under the Aged Care Act 1997, to services under the NATSIFAC program. 

    Our Government is delivering better access to care, better quality of care and better ageing for senior Australians now and into the future as part of the 2018–19 Budget program, More Choices for a Longer Life.

    Our Government is committed to providing safe, quality aged care to regional, rural and remote Australia, which at times are faced with specific challenges that capital cities do not experience.

    This investment ensures that people living in remote and very remote locations receive the critical aged care they need, whether at home or in a residential care facility.

    Applications for the second round close on 20 March 2019. For details about the expansion round, visit the GrantConnect website.


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