Contact Tradies Line (03) 9999 1389, get instant call back from Australian service providers. Quick and Easy!

Free of Charge as you don't need to pay to find the service you need - Convenience - Diversity and Confidence are the advantages when calling (03) 9999 1389 or text-message to 0488 824 589 and leave your name and mobile number, and selected service providers will contact you immediately!

    To provide the community with complete and better services, Adpro Media's Tradies Line with over 20,000 service providers will help you solve all your problems quickly and conveniently by simply calling (03) 9999 1389. After five minutes, the providers will contact you to offer the service you need. A new and unique service for the community in Australia!

    Call Tradies Line (03) 9999 1389

    Advantages for Users in Australia:

    You do not need to visit every service provider or look up the directory and especially can save money and time when looking for services you want. When using Tradies Line, you will have the following advantages:
    • Free: There is no fee to find a good tradie or service provider
    • Quick: Within just five minutes, service providers will contact you
    • Convenience: Save 9999 1389 or 0488 824 589 to mobile and call when needed
    • Diversity: We have over 20,000 service providers across Australia
    • Confidence: Safety and customers' identity is kept confidential

    How to use Tradies Line:

    Option 1 - By Phone or Mobile: Call (03) 9999 1389, leave your Name, Phone Number, Suburb and the Service you need.
    Option 2 - By SMS: Send an SMS to 0488 824 589 with your Name, Phone Number, Suburb and the Service you need.
    Option 3 - By Online: Visit and enter your Name, Phone Number, Suburb and the Service you need.
    Option 4 - Download the Viet Times App: Go to Google Store or Apple App Store to download the Viet Times App to read latest news, post classified advertisements, find real estate or simply use Tradies Line.

    Tradies Line

    Advantages for Service Providers:

    Call (03) 9014 1438 to register as a Service Provider with Adpro Media, you will:
    • Be one of the complete service providers for the Vietnamese community in Australia
    • Have access to over 500,000 customers in Australia
    • Have your own market in hand
    • Have the customers who need your services the most in hand
    • Reduce competition in your industry
    • Have customers in suburbs near you

    For more information or to know more about Adpro Media's products and services, please call (03) 9014 1438.