Strengthening Victoria And Celebrating Our Diversity

11:48' 13-09-2018
More Victorians will be able to celebrate and share their diverse cultures and traditions, thanks to funding from the Andrews Labor Government.

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    Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott today announced $2.7 million worth of new grant funding for 913 cultural festivals, exhibitions, celebrations of national days and other culturally significant gatherings.

    The Carlton Italian Festa, Chinese New Year Festival, Hispanic Latin American Festival and Geelong’s Pako Festa are among the significant events to be supported by the program, providing ample opportunities for Victorians from all walks of life to celebrate and engage with Victoria’s rich cultural diversity.

    More than 1,100 applications were submitted to the 2018-19 Multicultural Festivals and Events program, by both new and established community groups, across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

    The Victorian Budget 2018-19 provided an additional $1.4 million over two years to the Multicultural Festivals and Events program to support community groups preserve cultural traditions and share them with the wider Victorian community.

    For a full list of successful applicants, visit

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