Firearm and drugs seized - Frankston

11:52' 13-09-2018
Detectives from the Echo Taskforce have charged a man as part of an ongoing investigation into a home invasion in Hampton Park last week.

    Photo: Herald Sun

    The 33-year-old Frankston man was arrested in Frankston shortly after 1.30pm yesterday.

    He was also served with a Firearm Prohibition Order.

    The arrest follows an aggravated burglary in Hampton Park on 9 September.

    Following a search of the address, police seized a hand gun, ammunition, samurai sword, a range of drugs including methamphetamines, cocaine and steroids, Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang clothing, and what are believed to be stolen war medals.

    A Range Rover was also seized from the property.

    The man has been charged with a range of offences including:

    • Aggravated home invasion

    • Intentionally cause injury

    • Make threats to kill

    • Unlawful assault

    • Firearm Prohibition Order – fail to immediately surrender firearm

    • Possess general category firearm

    • Possess cartridge ammunition

    • Traffick methylamphetamine

    • Traffick cocaine

    • Possess methylamphetamine

    • Possess cocaine

    • Possess testosterone

    • Possess prohibited weapon

    • Commit indictable offence whilst on bail

    The man was remanded in custody and will face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning.

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