Promoting Respect And Equality In Melbourne’s East

12:43' 14-09-2018
The Andrews Labor Government is supporting is supporting local government programs that are working to prevent family violence in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins visited Cabena Child and Family Centre in Chadstone to announce $180,000 in funding to support programs that prevent family violence.

    Local government is in a unique position to stop family violence before it starts. Councils work closely with local families, community organisations, businesses and sports clubs. This places them in the strategic position to address inequality and violent behaviour in the community.

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    The City of Monash will receive a grant of $90,000 for their Playing Fair project, which works with playgroup facilitators, parents and grandparents to promote gender equality in playgroups.

    City of Whitehorse received $90,000 for the Whitehorse Strengthening Local Action for Family Violence Prevention project. It will work to promote gender equality and prevent family violence within the Council’s workforce and the wider Whitehorse community.

    Gender equality is a key driver of family violence. Strategies that challenge harmful gender stereotypes and promote positive, equal and respectful relationships can prevent violence against women.

    These initiatives are supported by the Free From Violence Local Government Grants, which aim to support local councils to embed primary prevention in their everyday work.

    The Government together with local councils have invested $4 million for prevention activities across the state. This includes $2.6 million from the Labor Government.

    The Victorian Government has invested a record $2.6 billion to implement all 226 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, to support victim survivors and end family violence.

    For information on Free from violence: Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women, visit

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