Standing Up For Victoria’s Temporary Visa Workers

12:09' 12-07-2018
The Andrews Labor Government is protecting hundreds of temporary visa workers across regional Victoria from exploitation.

    Photo: OFW Life

    Minister for Industrial Relations Natalie Hutchins today announced funding of more than $580,000 to deliver a program that will protect the wages and conditions of temporary visa workers across the state.

    In partnership with Victorian Legal Aid, the Labor Government has selected a group of agencies including JobWatch and the Goulburn Valley and Barwon Community Legal Centres to deliver the program.

    The grant will be invested in lawyers and legal education in key regional areas over two years, to make temporary visa workers aware of their workplace rights and to enable them to enforce those rights.

    More than 200 temporary visa workers in these regions – which include Shepparton, Geelong and surrounding areas – are expected to receive special employment advice over that period.

    The program will attract more workers to the regions and build on Victoria’s reputation as a place where workers rights are respected.

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