Police arrest two following South Melbourne stabbing

13:21' 13-07-2018
Police have arrested two men following a stabbing in South Melbourne overnight.

    Photo: hit.com.au

    The incident took place on Dorcas Street just before 2am when two men had an altercation with the victim, a 23-year-old Seaford man, who was sitting in his vehicle with a female passenger.

    One of the men allegedly demanded cash from the victim before an altercation took place resulting in the victim receiving a stab wound to his upper chest.

    The victim managed to drive a short distance to Marshall Street before contacting police.

    A passenger in the victim’s car, a 38-year-old Seaford woman, was not injured.

    Police were quickly on the scene and arrested two Werribee men near the location.

    The men, aged 19 and 20, are currently assisting police with their enquires.

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