Sign the petition to help reduce pokies harm in Brimbank

12:46' 30-10-2018
Have you signed the Pokies Play Brimbank online petition yet?

    Photo: Brimbank City Council

    Brimbank Council is encouraging residents to sign the online petition calling on all political parties to introduce changes to reduce harm from pokies in the community.

    Pokies Play Brimbank, launched in partnership with the Alliance for Gambling Reform, aims to focus community attention and energy on bringing about reform to the gambling industry in relation to electronic gambling machines – pokies.

    Brimbank Councillor Virginia Tachos called on community members to support the campaign by signing the petition.

    “Our community continues to experience the highest electronic gambling losses of any municipality in Victoria, with $139.5 million lost on pokies in Brimbank last financial year.

    “When you break this number down, that’s a staggering $382,000 every day. Think about that. That’s more than it would cost to buy a decent unit in Brimbank.

    “So many people are suffering as a result of pokies addiction.

    “The cost extends beyond the statistics and harms key aspects of life – relationships, work and study habits, as well as emotional and psychological health.

    “Those affected are our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, and by supporting them and raising awareness we make our community stronger,” Cr Tachos said.

    Through the Pokies Play Brimbank campaign, Council – with the community’s support - is specifically calling for the introduction of:

    • $1 maximum bets on all electronic gambling machines
    • Reduced operating hours for venues with poker machines
    • A sinking cap on the number of poker machines in Brimbank
    • Funding for more research to better understand the local impact of harmful gambling

    Residents who want to sign the online petition can do so at

    Hard copy petition postcards can also be found and submitted at Council customer service centres.

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