Glenroy Locals To Benefit From Permanent Open Space

14:24' 31-10-2018
Glenroy locals will have access to more open recreational space and recreation facilities, thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

    Photo: Premier of Victoria

    The Labor Government has sold former transport land in Glenroy to Moreland City Council, securing its future as public open space for the community.

    The sale of 3.2 hectares of land at Outlook Drive, Glenroy will be managed by the council and continue to be accessible to the public.

    The sale follows a long period of discussions between VicTrack and Moreland City Council, to deliver the best outcome for the local community while ensuring all obligations around sales of government land were met.

    The land is sold to council with the condition that it is used for a public or community purpose, which means it cannot be sold and will be available for local people to enjoy for years to come.

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