Free Books For Every Prep Student

13:36' 05-06-2018
Every Prep student in government schools will get free books as part of an ambitious strategy by the Andrews Labor Government to lift literacy and numeracy outcomes.

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    Minister for Education James Merlino today announced the second phase of the Labor Government’s Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, which will support students at all ages and all stages to get the skills they need to succeed at learning and at life.

    Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Phase 2: Achieving Excellence and Equity in Literacy and Numeracy provides educators and teachers with resources and training to support kids from birth to secondary school.

    From next year, the Prep bags given to every student starting at a government school will include a range of expert-selected books and a copy of the new booklet Literacy and Numeracy Tips to Help Your Child Every Day.

    The first phase of the Strategy included an online Literacy Teaching Toolkit for primary schools, and as part of the second phase of the Strategy this will now be expanded to support teachers at secondary schools.

    The Toolkit provides practical advice and guidance, instructional videos and easy-to-use lesson plans to support teachers to implement the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

    A new Mathematics Teaching Toolkit will also be available later this year, giving teachers high-quality and evidence-based tools to boost students’ numeracy skills.

    There will also be new advice for educators to assess a student’s progress, including a Digital Assessment Library which provides real-time feedback on the areas in which students are excelling and where they need more help.

    Teachers will also have access to new resources to help them to identify, understand and meet the literacy and numeracy learning needs of students with learning difficulties, as well as Koorie students.

    Every government school in Victoria will also have access to expert-led workshops in literacy and numeracy, helping them develop innovative and engaging ways of teaching students these vital skills.

    The Victorian Budget 2018/19 included $22.1 million for workshops and teaching tools to improve literacy and numeracy. The Labor Government is building the Education State so that every Victorian student gets the opportunity to get a great education and every community has access to a great local school.

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