Cyclists And All Victorians To Benefit From TAC Changes

12:43' 07-06-2018
Cyclists injured in accidents with stationary vehicles will be able to access Transport Accident Commission (TAC) benefits under new legislation introduced by the Andrews Labor Government.

    Photo: Herald Sun

    Under current legislation, cyclists are only entitled to receive TAC support if they hit a moving vehicle, a car door or a stationary vehicle on the way to or from work.

    The Bill will ensure people like Richard (Rory) Wilson get support they need. Rory hit a parked truck when riding with friends in 2014 and suffered significant injuries – injuries he still lives with today.

    If Rory was riding to work, he would have been eligible for cover under TAC, but he was not.

    The Bill introduced by the Labor Government today will close this loophole, extending TAC benefits to any cyclist injured by accidents with stationary vehicles. The amendment will be retrospective and cover Rory and any cyclist who has experienced a similar accident since 9 July 2014.

    The Bill also extends the travel and accommodation allowance for family members to attend hospital when someone is injured, and pay income support to parents who need to be by the bedside of their injured children.

    Other proposed changes include extending family-related benefits to grandparents, extending benefits for dependent children to those completing an apprenticeship and increasing the cap on travel and accommodation from $10,000 to $20,000 for immediate family to attend hospital for distances greater than 100 kilometres.

    The Treasury and Finance Bill Legislation Amendment 2018 will also provide for an additional four weeks attendant care for clients who need to travel overseas for work.

    The extension of TAC coverage is part of the Labor Government’s ongoing improvements to benefit Victorians injured in transport accidents, including restoration of access to mental injury claims and removal of the requirement to pay a medical excess of $651 before the TAC pays for non-hospital treatment.

    The Bill will also lead to changes to improve the operation of WorkSafe and its compensation arrangements.

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