Visit to Australia by the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands

12:48' 07-06-2018
I look forward to welcoming The Honourable Rick Houenipwela MP, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, to Australia from 9 to 15 June.

    Photo: Island Sun

    We value our strong and enduring friendship with Solomon Islands, and work as partners to ensure stability, security and prosperity in the Pacific region.

    Our development assistance to Solomon Islands is Australia’s third largest bilateral aid program, with a special focus on improving health and education.

    The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) supported peace and stability in Solomon Islands for 14 years and our commitment to Solomon Islands continues today.

    This visit provides an opportunity to discuss shared challenges, and to strengthen our bilateral relationship as well as our cooperation across the region.

    This is Prime Minister Houenipwela’s first official visit to Australia as Prime Minister.

    Prime Minister Houenipwela will be accompanied by Madam Rachel Houenipwela and will travel to Brisbane, Bundaberg, Sydney and Canberra as part of the visit.

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