Delivering a next generation Army with new technologies

12:02' 29-10-2018
The Australian Army hosted its fifth consecutive annual Innovation Day at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra today.

    Photo: Defence Connect

    The theme for the event was Delivering a Next Generation Army, with 19 companies from Australia and overseas presenting 24 industry proposals.

    The Australian Army’s Head of Land Capability, Major General Kathryn Toohey, AM, CSC, said the event was an important collaboration between the Australian Army, defence industry and the Defence Innovation Hub.
    “Army views innovation as a valuable contributor to capability. It’s important we continue to develop superior knowledge, skills and technology through continuous innovation,” Major General Toohey said.
    “Army Innovation Day is an opportunity for us as an Army in motion to continuously explore new ideas, as well as build relationships with defence industry, academia and our international partners on the latest developments in technology and war-fighting capabilities.
    “The technologies on display covered a wide range of systems identified as potential components of a future Army.
    “We have seen robotics and autonomous systems that improve a combat team’s engagement, various techniques for improving communications systems, and learnt of new examples of small drones that assist soldiers in having increased situational awareness.”
    Participants in attendance were able to view a product pitched at Innovation Day 2014 ─ the Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).
    “The Black Hornet Nano UAS is an excellent example of the type of products which add significant future capability. It has now been rolled out to soldiers in Army’s 6th Brigade for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks,” Major General Toohey said.
    “Army has issued contracts for user evaluations to 30 companies that presented at the previous Army Innovation Day events.
    “This is a prime opportunity for businesses that may not have experience in working with Defence or have products developed for other markets.”
    The Army Innovation Day cycle is designed to get leading edge technology into the hands of soldiers within a 12 month period.

    Some of the products presented today will go through the Army’s short-cycle nomination, selection, demonstration and assessment process.

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