Boosting Secondary Education In Shepparton

13:42' 28-03-2019
The Andrews Labor Government is building a better future for young people in Greater Shepparton, ensuring they have more educational opportunities, choice and support.

    Photo: The Weekly Times

    Minister for Education James Merlino today visited McGuire College in Shepparton to announce a two-year transition process for the new Greater Shepparton College (interim name), merging four secondary schools and accommodating between 2700 and 3000 students.

    The transition process is a result of significant consultation with local schools that balances the need to minimise disruption on student learning while getting on with the job of construction.

    As planning continues for the new college, three of the existing secondary schools will continue as campuses, while construction begins at the current Shepparton High School site.

    Starting from 2020, all Year 7s will start at McGuire Campus where the program will be specifically designed to enhance literacy and numeracy skills and extend critical thinking.

    All Year 9s from each school will study a learning program specifically crafted for them at Mooroopna Campus.

    Shepparton High School students will move to the Wanganui Park Campus (except Years 7 and 9).

    Mooroopna Secondary College’s year 8s and 10s remain where they are, while their senior students will move to either Wanganui Park Campus or McGuire Campus, depending on subject choices.

    The Government will work with local schools and the community to minimise disruption to students and their families, and to ensure that transport and school bus services are configured so that students can get to school.

    The new school will ensure every student in the Greater Shepparton region has access to the broadest range of subjects, dedicated health and wellbeing teams, and increased training opportunities and education pathways.

    The Labor Government is providing $21.5 million to make the Shepparton Education Plan a reality and to ensure every student gets the opportunity for a great education.

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