Helping Communities Wipe Out Illegal Graffiti

13:26' 13-03-2019
Applications are open for Andrews Labor Government grants that help communities across the state prevent and remove illegal graffiti from their streets.

    Graffiti prevention grants of up to $30,000 each will support local councils to partner with community groups that want to tackle graffiti vandalism as well as make public spaces more inviting for residents.

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    Minister for Crime Prevention Ben Carroll today urged councils to apply for a grant by partnering with their local schools, sporting groups, police, small businesses or other community groups.

    In 2017–18, a $25,000 Graffiti Prevention Grant given to Melton City Council helped deliver workshops about street art, commission public murals and run graffiti education programs in schools.

    The council commissioned iconic street artist Phibs to create a large vibrant mural of bird imagery on a wall in Melton’s High Street. Melton Council has since seen a significant reduction in graffiti in the area.

    The grants support councils to develop comprehensive graffiti management strategies through graffiti audits, research and consultations with the community, and other activities.

    Local graffiti prevention projects that are eligible include vertical gardens, murals and public art, graffiti removal activities and anti-graffiti education programs that engage young people, local businesses and residents.

    The Labor Government has provided nearly $1.8 million in grant funding to 91 Graffiti Prevention Grant projects since 2015, including 19 projects supported in the recent 2018–19 grant round.

    The grants are part of the Labor Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program, which supports local communities to prevent crime and improve community safety.

    Applications for the Graffiti Prevention Grants close on Friday, 26 April at 4pm. To apply or for further information, visit

    Community groups that have ideas for a grant application can contact their local council.

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