Nobody Denim Tailoring Jobs For Victorians

12:35' 13-06-2018
The Andrews Labor Government is creating jobs and boosting the economy through its $90 million Jobs Victoria program.

    Photo: ABC

    Minister for Industry and Employment Ben Carroll toured the Nobody Denim factory in Fitzroy and met with two Jobs Victoria participants working as jean grinders at the renowned clothing manufacturer.

    Christopher and Hay Ta Gey are refugees from the Karen Community in Myanmar, now living in Werribee, who struggled to find jobs when they first arrived in Victoria due to their limited local work experience.

    With the support of Jobs Victoria partner Westgate Community Initiatives Group, both Christopher and Hay Ta Gey were referred to the jean grinder roles at Nobody Denim.

    Founded in 1999 by John Condolis, the local manufacturer oversees the total manufacturing process from fabric sourcing to fit and finish, with the washing, dying and distressing taking place at its Fitzroy factory.

    Nobody Denim is also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for staff.

    Jobs Victoria has helped more than 6,100 Victorians find work, including more than 630 asylum seekers and refugees.

    Through tailored support services,

    Jobs Victoria is breaking down barriers to employment through a whole-of-government approach that helps long-term jobseekers.

    For more information on Jobs Victoria, visit

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