No Jab, No Play Laws Keeping Victorian Kids Healthy And Safe

12:55' 10-01-2019
The Andrews Labor Government is keeping kids safe from serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses, with tough new No Jab, No Play laws now in place.

    Photo: Herald Sun

    Acting Premier Tim Pallas and Acting Minister for Health Luke Donnellan visited a childcare centre in Northcote today to remind parents they must comply with the rules aimed at keeping Victorian children healthy – and designed at cracking down on rogue doctors who peddle misinformation and flout the rules.

    In 2016, the Labor Government introduced landmark laws requiring kids to be vaccinated against deadly but preventable diseases.

    The No Jab, No Play laws have seen vaccination rates skyrocket, with the latest data showing immunisation rates for children under the age of five remaining steady at 95.4 per cent – above the ambitious 95 per cent ‘herd immunity’ target.

    The science is crystal clear: vaccinations save lives – but some Victorians continue to tout misinformation and put the health of kids at risk. Our tough improvements to No Jab, No Play laws will require parents to provide Immunisation History Statements to their childcare provider twice a year.

    Only Immunisation History Statements from the Australian Immunisation Register will be accepted as evidence of a medical reason why a child is not immunised when enrolling in childcare or kindergarten, meaning false and misleading vaccination exemptions written by dodgy doctors will no longer be accepted.

    While Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals continue to ignore calls to make the flu shot free for kids under five, the Labor Government is pressing ahead with its bold push to make sure more Victorian kids are immunised than ever before. It means healthier and happier communities.

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