Australia-New Zealand Foreign Ministerial Consultations

03:21' 09-02-2019
Today I met with my friend and counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Rt Hon Winston Peters for our biannual Australia-New Zealand Foreign Ministerial Consultations.

    Photo: Radio NZ

    Australia’s relationship with New Zealand is an enduring one, based on common heritage, shared values, and a strong trans-Tasman sense of family.

    The Consultations were an opportunity to cover the breadth of our relationship, from close people-to-people links and our common interests in the Pacific, to our likeminded approach to global issues.

    That partnership is nowhere more important than in our own region, the Pacific. Our shared commitment to working in partnership with Pacific countries to invest in the security and prosperity of the Pacific was a key theme of today’s discussions.

    Australia’s commitment to the Pacific is reflected in new initiatives such the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific and the expansion of the Pacific Labour Scheme.

    Australia and New Zealand’s biannual consultations have always been frank, open and direct, and that tradition continued in today’s highly productive talks.


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