Page 73 - Số báo đặc biệt về COVID-19 và đặc trang Phong cách sống, Danh bạ người Việt Melbourne và Rao vặt - Viet Times ePublication, Friday 10/4/2020
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Mục lục <News> • Live Radio Friday, April 10, 2020 • Viet Times 73vital that essential service providers work with governments to deliver the support the Austra- lian people need.Implementation of visaarrange-ments in theagricultural sectorThe National Cabinet noted the approach to implementing measures to support the agricul- tural workforce needed to secure Australia food supplies:• the Commonwealth has implemented the visa measures and is urgently working on the associated changes to the Seasonal Worker Pro- gramme and Pacific Labour Scheme to ensure appropriate labour market testing continues;• the same conditions that apply under the Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific La- bour Scheme visa arrangements with regard to approved employers will be carried over to the new visa arrangements, including employer sponsorship to continue the link with the agri-

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