Page 72 - Số báo đặc biệt về COVID-19 và đặc trang Phong cách sống, Danh bạ người Việt Melbourne và Rao vặt - Viet Times ePublication, Friday 10/4/2020
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72 Viet Times • Friday, April 10, 2020 Mục lục <News> • Live Radio• Offering flexible payment options to all households and small businesses in financial stress – including small businesses eligible for the JobKeeper Payment;• Not disconnecting restricting supply/services to those in financial stress;• Deferring debt recovery proceedings and credit default listing;• Waiving late fees and interest charges on debt; and• Minimising planned outages for critical works, and provide as much notice as possible to assist households and businesses during any outage.Those who can continue to pay their bills need to keep doing so - this is critical to ensuring the ongoing viability of essential services provid- ers. But we need to ensure an appropriate safety net is in place for those experiencing financial stress.These are extremely challenging times. It is

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