Page 69 - Số báo đặc biệt về COVID-19 và đặc trang Phong cách sống, Danh bạ người Việt Melbourne và Rao vặt - Viet Times ePublication, Friday 10/4/2020
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Mục lục <News> • Live Radio Friday, April 10, 2020 • Viet Times 69Updated quarantinearrangements for non-cruise maritime, air crewTHURSDAY, 09/4/2020Australia’s skilled maritime workforce plays a unique and strategically important role in Aus- tralia’s supply chains.National Cabinet agreed that the Australian Government and all states and territories will implement a consistent and immediate exemp- tion for non-cruise maritime crew to provide for the transiting to and from their places of work, within and across jurisdictions with agreed documentation.National Cabinet noted that states and territo- ries may adopt additional protocols in consul- tation with industry that creates protection for crews on board vessels, and will put in place ap- propriate penalties for companies and individu- als that are found to be in breach of the require- ments of the exemption which will be reviewed on 1 June 2020.

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