Page 76 - Số báo đặc biệt về COVID-19 và đặc trang Phong cách sống, Danh bạ người Việt Melbourne và Rao vặt - Viet Times ePublication, Friday 10/4/2020
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76 Viet Times • Friday, April 10, 2020 Mục lục <News> • Live RadioNational Farmers Federation;• seeking to harmonise these requirements as far as practical.National Cabinet agreed that state and territory Agriculture Ministers will support the adoption of - as consistent as possible requirements - in respect to declarations required from employers and employees to facilitate agricultural employ- ment.National Cabinet agreed that the Australian and state and territory governments will under- take best efforts for these arrangements to be in place by 17 April 2020, or as soon thereafter as practicable.National Cabinet agreed that employers and employees must continue to adhere to Austra- lian and State and Territory government health requirements in respect to the management of coronavirus./.

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