Safer Internet Day - encouraging Australians to act with respect online

11:32' 07-02-2018
Today, millions of Australians are expected to participate in Safer Internet Day, with calls from the eSafety Commissioner for community leaders to help create a safer, more positive internet by acting with respect online.

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    “One in five young Australians and one in three adults have had a negative experience online. This number is far too high and we know the implications of some of these behaviours can be devastating to individuals and families. This is why we need role models and influencers in our communities to step up and help shape a more respectful online culture,” says eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant.

    The eSafety Office is marking Safer Internet Day with an event at Parliament House, with ministers, MPs and stakeholders attending and signing a Safer Internet Day pledge to show respect online.

    An unprecedented number of corporate organisations, community groups, sporting teams, athletes and public figures have signed up to support Safer Internet Day this year.  

    “It’s great to see the likes of McDonald’s, Australia Post, Macquarie Bank, and Optus helping us reach millions of Australians and encouraging respectful behaviour online,” says Inman Grant.

    “While it’s amazing to have so many high profile role models supporting Safer Internet Day, it’s also exciting to see everyday influencers—mums, dads, teachers, young people—pledging to show respect online”

    “Today we should all stop, think and show respect before we post, tweet or text. We should also remember that behaving with respect online should be our goal every day of the year” adds Inman Grant.

    Thousands of school students across Australia are also expected to participate in Safer Internet Day presentations through the Office’s Virtual Classrooms—helping students create a better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology safely and respectfully.

    A range of activities are happening across Australia, and downloadable resources are available to help promote and support Safer Internet Day. To get involved or for more information, visit

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