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Police prepared for safe, summer fun at St Kilda Festival

12:58' 09-02-2018
Police are prepared for a great weekend of entertainment and safe, responsible summer fun as the St Kilda Festival returns to the suburb’s iconic foreshore area.

    Photo: NSW Police

    A highly visible police presence will greet up to 400,000 people expected to head to St Kilda as the annual music festival gets underway this weekend.

    Port Phillip Local Area Commander, Inspector Brett Coloe said the family festival was an annual highlight for the area and police wanted to ensure everyone could enjoy it.

    “Police will be working hard to keep you safe but it must not be forgotten that everyone has a responsibility to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival for all,” Insp Coloe said.

    The festival precinct will become an alcohol free zone from 9am to midnight on Sunday, 11 February. This is in addition to the current alcohol and glass bans along the St Kilda foreshore.

    Inspector Brett Coloe warned that police would patrol the area and anyone detected in breach of the local alcohol laws would be fined.

    “Members from the Divisional Licencing Unit will be conducting covert roaming patrols in licenced venues and public areas. On-the-spot fines will be issued to anyone caught consuming alcohol in places they shouldn’t be,” he said.

    “When police are forced to intervene to stop criminal, disruptive or antisocial behaviour, it is because an individual has made the selfish decision to put themselves before others.

    “Police have zero tolerance for drink drivers and booze buses will be deployed to test those leaving the festival.

    “If you are taking public transport home, plan your route and departure times in advance.”

    Local police will be supported in and around the festival’s main stages by members from the Mounted Branch, Critical Incident Response Team and Operations Response Unit.

    Prahran Highway Patrol will monitor traffic in and around the festival area, whilst uniform and plain clothes transit police will actively patrol public transport hubs.

    The St Kilda Festival precinct includes the foreshore from Thackeray Street to Barkly Street; Barkly Street to Fitzroy Street; Fitzroy Street to Canterbury Road; Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street and the foreshore including the beach.

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