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New China Campaign To Drive Victorian Tourism And Jobs

13:07' 12-03-2018
The Andrews Labor Government will launch Victoria’s first Chinese tourism campaign in six years – to attract more visitors, support jobs, boost the economy and show our state has the best of everything.

    Photo: Geelong Advertiser

    Minister for Tourism and Major Events John Eren said the new campaign will ensure Victoria continues to stay ahead of the curve in attracting international visitors from China.

    Visit Victoria’s campaign targets young millennials who look for local and authentic experiences, rather than ticking off a bucket list of icons.

    To capture the attention of these sophisticated independent travellers, the campaign features one of China’s most popular rising stars, actor Li Xian.

    Moving through the laneways of Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles and the Yarra Valley, the ads tour Victoria’s tourism hotspots – showcasing our local produce, major sporting and cultural events and natural landscapes and wildlife.

    The campaign will be aimed at larger cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, each of which have direct flights to Melbourne, making it easier for Chinese travellers to visit.

    China is currently Victoria’s largest international tourism market, with almost 600,000 visitors spending $2.7 billion in the 12 months to September 2017.

    That is why the Labor Government is working closely with Visit Victoria to ensure our state continues to attract new visitors – which is good news for Victorian jobs, trade and businesses.

    This campaign adds to the Labor Government’s partnership with CTRIP – China’s biggest online travel agency – to entice even more Chinese travellers to choose Victoria for their next trip.

    The new campaign will officially launch in Shanghai tonight. For more information head to

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