Massive Shed Finished As 24/7 Digging Starts On Metro Tunnel

12:08' 06-02-2018
The first of three massive sheds to be built in the CBD to reduce noise, dust and light from construction of Victoria’s biggest ever public transport project – the Metro Tunnel – is now complete.

    Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan today inspected works inside the huge acoustic shed above the future State Library Station on Franklin Street, between Swanston and Victoria streets.
    The shed is more than 20 metres high, 70 metres long and will fully enclose construction activity as round-the-clock works begin to dig the 11-storey shaft, ahead of tunnelling between the two CBD stations starting later this year.
    In a boost for local jobs and industry, the shed is made from 290 tonnes of Australian-made steel and built by local fabricators in Orange and Dandenong.
    The support structures for the shaft on Franklin Street will also use 165 tonnes of Australian-made steel, milled in Portland in the state’s west, and be built by local manufacturer Keppel Prince Engineering.
    Construction of another acoustic shed at A’Beckett Street is well underway and expected to be completed by mid-2018. Later in the year, a huge shed will also be built at City Square.
    Each shed will be custom built and will help to minimise impacts from construction on nearby residents, businesses and the local community.
    The State Library Station precinct will create 3,500 square metres of new public space. The design includes an increase in trees across the precinct, particularly at Franklin and A’Beckett streets.
    The Metro Tunnel will untangle the City Loop, creating more space for more trains to and from the suburbs across Melbourne.
    It will create up to 7,000 jobs and source 90 per cent of materials locally – including 93 per cent local steel.

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