Imagining Brimbank in 2040 – have your say

12:24' 05-02-2018
Help shape the future of Brimbank! Council is preparing a new Brimbank Community Plan 2040 and wants to hear your hopes and ideas for Brimbank over the next 20 years.


    Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the Brimbank Community Plan would be a shared vision for the community, service providers and Council to work towards.

    “You’re invited to share your hopes and ideas with us to help inform Council’s planning for the long term future of Brimbank,” Cr Giudice said.

    “There is so much that we love about Brimbank today – such as our rich cultural diversity, Indigenous heritage, and our proud industrial history – the Brimbank Community Plan 2040 is an opportunity to consider our community’s shared long-term goals.

    “As we consider what type of place we want Brimbank to be in 2040, we should reflect on the things that we currently value about Brimbank, as well as the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

    Community members, including residents, traders, land owners and service providers are invited to provide input online or by attending a Community workshop.

    “This workshop will provide a chance for residents, traders and other community members to collaborate and share ideas about Brimbank’s future,” Cr Giudice said.

    Community workshop

    When: 5.30-9.30pm, Thursday 15 February

    Where: Sunshine Convention Centre, 460 Ballarat Road, Sunshine

    RSVP essential:

    To share your ideas online, or to rsvp to the Community workshop, please visit Consultation is open until Sunday 25 February.

    Feedback will be used to develop a Draft Brimbank Community Plan 2040, which will be released for consultation in mid-2018.


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