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Giving Victorians With A Disability "Every Opportunity"

12:52' 08-02-2018
The Andrews Labor Government has unveiled a comprehensive new plan to give Victorians with a disability the opportunity to contribute to our growing economy.

    Photo: Herald Sun

    Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley today launched Every opportunity: Victorian economic participation plan for people with disability 2018-20 to mark the start of the National Open Employment Forum 2018.

    The plan includes 21 actions to improve work, study and business opportunities for Victorians with a disability, and maximise the benefits of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    Employers will be empowered to support people into jobs that reflect their skills, experience and goals – using best-practice employment models.

    The participation plan is backed by a $2.6 million investment from the Labor Government to address the discrimination, barriers and attitudes that prevent people with a disability from getting work.

    It sets a target of six per cent employment of people with a disability across all Victorian Government departments by 2020 – with further targets to be set in the future.

    Every opportunity focuses on improving education pathways, employment opportunities and support for business ownership and innovation. It’s also a key pillar of Victoria’s state disability plan.

    People with a disability represent 20 per cent of Victoria’s population. The employment rate for people with a disability is 53 per cent – that’s compared to 82 per cent for people without a disability.

    Past modelling has shown that closing the gap in the employment rate of people with a disability by one third would result in a $43 billion increase in Australia’s GDP over a ten-year period.

    Every opportunity is another example of Victoria’s commitment to give people with a disability the opportunities in life that they deserve.

    By the time the NDIS is fully operational, Victoria’s investment will be $2.5 billion a year – supporting more than 105,000 Victorians with a disability. To access the plan visit

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