Cultural Diversity Week - Proud to Belong to Brimbank

12:16' 13-03-2018
Brimbank will celebrate the many cultural backgrounds that make up our community with Cultural Diversity Week, 17-25 March 2018.

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    Celebrated throughout Victoria, Cultural Diversity Week highlights the vibrant sounds, sights, movements and tastes that contribute to the state’s rich and evolving diversity.
    The festival is an occasion to celebrate Brimbank’s rich cultural heritage with family friendly activities, exhibitions and festivities to join in.
    Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Cultural Diversity Week is an opportunity to celebrate Brimbank’s wonderful diversity and proud community spirit.
    “So much of Brimbank’s culture is in the rich traditions brought to our shores from many different countries over many generations,” said Cr Giudice. 
    “We are fortunate to have a progressive and proudly diverse community that strives to make all feel welcome.
    “The week is an opportunity to celebrate the many cultural backgrounds that make the community we live and work in so vibrant.
    “Our City is set to come alive with music, art, food and dance representing so many different cultures,” said the Mayor.
    The theme this year is Proud to Belong - an opportunity for residents to demonstrate their pride in their heritage and in Brimbank.
    Brimbank is one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in the country, with almost half of all residents born outside of Australia and more than 160 languages spoken throughout the community. 
    Cultures will be celebrated through art and language in Brimbank’s libraries with lantern making, photography exhibitions, and bilingual story telling.
    There will be plenty of song and dance too - sing along with the Brimbank Multicultural Community Choir or add some new dance moves to your repertoire at the Inter Cultural Sports and Dance Showcase.
    Cultural Diversity Week is Victoria’s largest multicultural celebration, featuring a week-long program of festivals and events in metropolitan and regional areas.
    Cultural Diversity Week is held annually in March to coincide with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Harmony Day on 21 March.
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