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Continuing The Conversation In The Great South Coast

12:14' 12-10-2017
Locals, industry representatives and the Andrews Labor Government will come together tonight in Portland for the Great South Coast Regional Assembly – the final Assembly of 2017.

    Photo: ABC

    Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford said the Assembly was an important opportunity to discuss the future of the region, its priorities and the Labor Government’s ongoing partnership with local communities.

    Last year’s inaugural Great South Coast Regional Assembly in Port Fairy identified priorities for the region, which included securing a strong and diverse regional economy with more local jobs.

    The Labor Government know the importance of the agricultural industry along the Great South Coast. That’s why it will announce $500,000 for a Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council – a key priority of the Partnership established to drive sector development strategies.

    This is on top of $1 million already announced to continue another Partnership priority, Beyond the Bell, a program that boosts educational attainment in the region. The region will also share in the $45 million Connecting Regional Communities Program to support digital initiatives.

    Communities along the south coast will also benefit from the $114 million Warrnambool line upgrade track, road upgrades in the region including those servicing the Port of Portland and the Princes and Henty highways, and $7.5 million for the design for Stage 2 redevelopment of South West Healthcare.

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