Cannabis oil reminder following spike in seizures

13:10' 16-05-2018
Following a national spike in attempted cannabis oil imports, the Australian Border Force (ABF) is reminding consumers that it remains illegal to import cannabis products from overseas.

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    Recent law changes to the domestic Food Standards Code combined with false claims from online suppliers overseas have seen a significant increase in the number of cannabis oil imports seized at the border over the past month.

    ABF Superintendent Emma Newman said in most cases, cannabis oil appears to be ordered online by individuals seeking it for medicinal purposes. However, the importation of all cannabis products remains illegal and those who seek to import the goods stand to lose the hundreds of dollars they have spent and may even be subject to prosecution.

    “Given the recent rise in attempts, it is really important for us to get the message out to the Australian community that if they order these products online, by law we are required to seize them at the border and may consider prosecution,” Superintendent Newman said.

    “We are focused on community safety, and we are focused on ensuring the Australian community is aware of our existing laws.

    “Despite some recent domestic law changes, it is still illegal to order cannabis products online from overseas, without a permit from The Office of Drug Control."

    Medicinal cannabis can only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. With the exception of one product (nabiximols), medicinal cannabis products are not registered medicines in Australia, so they must be accessed through special pathways available for unapproved medicines. Individual consumers cannot apply to Therapeutic Goods Administration to obtain approval to access unapproved medicinal cannabis products.

    “Our message to people is simple – if you are thinking of ordering cannabis products online from overseas, don’t waste your money and don’t break the law,” Superintendent Newman said.

    More information about importing goods from overseas is available on the Home Affairs website (

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