Big Freeze Festival 2016

16:46' 01-07-2016
The snow is made by a machine, so the Big Freeze is held entirely indoors. You dont have to worry about the weather outside


    For the first time ever, Melbourne is holding a winter festival. You can enjoy play in the snow and other activities, without having to travel to the distant snow resorts.

    The event will be held at Cranbourne Racecourse, Grant Street, Cranbourne, from Saturday July 2 to Sunday July 10, 9am to 5pm. Free parking is available
    on site.

    The snow is made by a machine, so the Big Freeze is held entirely indoors. You don't have to worry about the weather outside when you go. It is still a good idea to dress warmly and wear gloves.

    There are many activities, sponsored by St John Ambulance, Phillip Island Nature Parks, YMCA, 89.9 Light FM and others. Snow Play includes snowboarding, building a snowman, snowball tossing, or a walk in the “snow forest”.

    There are fun places to visit, like the Igloo, the Polar Bear Slide and the Snow Village. The Snow Village has a homestead, farmer’s market, cafe, school, bank, jail and more. You can get a photo of your visit in the Giant Snow Globe.

    Throughout the day there are performances of music and storytelling by the Magical Princesses, Charlie Silly Pants
    and others.   

    As well as entertainment, there is a huge range of arts and crafts you can do. This includes superhero training, hip hop dancing, zumba, cartoon drawing and sword fighting. There are also construction activities, such as building with foam bricks and rock art painting. Many of the things  you make can be taken home as souvenirs.

    For every activity there are organised session times. Tickets for each session are limited, so it's best to book online as soon as you can.
    A Super Child Pass, allowing entry to all activities, costs $28. Adults (anyone over 13 years of age) and toddlers tickets are $16.50. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

    There is a Late Play Discount of $19 for children and $12 for adults and toddlers if you enter after 2pm. For a group of ten children, up to five adults may enter free. For more information, timetables of activities and to book tickets, go to

    Span Hanna

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