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$8.28 Million To Upgrade Abbotsford Primary School

12:51' 31-01-2018
Families in Melbourne’s inner north are set to benefit from better classrooms and a new covered sports area thanks to a major refurbishment of Abbotsford Primary School.

    Photo: The Age

    Premier Daniel Andrews and Member for Richmond Richard Wynne today announced $8.28 million in funding to upgrade and modernise the school, which was built in 1877.

    Work to be undertaken includes the installation of a lift to provide access for students with special needs, new toilets and stairs, creating a covered outdoor sports area, as well as upgrading teaching and learning spaces so they are fit for modern learning.

    There are also plans to replace fire, sewer and electrical services.

    Global architecture firm GHDWoodhead will oversee the upgrade.

    Abbotsford Primary School caters for students from Prep-Year 6, and is an internationally recognised Chinese/English bilingual school, with students undertaking 50 per cent of their learning in Chinese and 50 per cent in English.

    When the Liberals were last in Government they ripped billions of dollars out of the education system. They should never be given the chance to do that again.

    In stark contrast, the Andrews Government is building the Education State so that every student can access a great local school and has invested $2.5 billion to improve classrooms, upgrade facilities and build new schools across the state.

    This school building boom has delivered more than 1,200 school upgrades and 56 new school projects across the state, supporting almost 5,000 local construction jobs.

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